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What Makes Clinical Pilates Different?

Clinical Pilates takes traditional Pilates a step further.

Clinical Pilates is a Movement Based Classification and Treatment Method

that speeds recovery from injury and pain episodes.

As such, Clinical Pilates is ideal for:

  • enhancing rehabilitation outcomes,

  • addressing postural and motor-control issues and

  • managing chronic pain.

At Jennifer Finnie Physiotherapy your Physiotherapist Instructors are Jennifer FinnieJane Stoodley and Sarah Forbes


All are DMA trained and Level 4 instructors who take into account the current research on  pain.


Clinical Pilates recognizes that individuals who have suffered an injury or experience chronic pain often have specific  movement impairments or weaknesses.

Our small group exercise classes are limited to three participants. That allows us to specifically design a program to target your individual needs.  Your program will progress gradually as your control and endurance improves.

Physiotherapists instructing in Clinical Pilates use a combination of modern

equipment - reformer, trapeze, barrel, resistance band and ball and mat exercises.


This equipment facilitates optimum muscle recruitment.

 Clinical Pilates has many applications. It can be used to:

  • Supplement conventional training

  • Assist rehabilitation post injury

  • Facilitate movement of painful joints 

  • Enhance Postural Retraining

  • Improve Balance and Strength 

  • Supplement Dance Training

Find out more about our Junction classes  or call 49262662 to book a class.


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