Our Physiotherapy Clinic emphasizes evidence based practice to give you the best treatment for your sports injury and rehabilitation.

Aching joints,? Strains and sprains? Sore muscles after a hard sprint or an awkward landing on the field? 


  • Ankle sprain?

  • Hamstring strain?

  • Shin splints?

  • Knee injury?

  • Tennis elbow (epicondylitis)?

  • Jumper's Knee?

  • Runners Knee?


We help you heal with treatments tailored to your specific sports.

Treatments include:: 

  • Exercises  to improve flexibility of the muscles at injured site

  • Hands on Techniques

  • Massage to relieve muscle tension and improve blood flow to the  injury

  • Joint mobilisation 

  • Stability exercises to reduce the chance of further injury

  • Taping to support the injured area

  • Advice tailored to reduce your chance of further injury

  • Advice on how to improve your sporting performance.. 



Suite 107/Level 1 The Junction Village,

16 Kenrick Street, The Junction, 2291 

directly opposite the lift
Open 8.00 am - 6.00 pm Monday to  Friday