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Jennifer Finnie Physiotherapy and Pilates Classes at The Junction, Newcastle

Clinical Pilates programs are physiotherapist designed to target the individual’s needs. The Pilates program is then progressed gradually as the individual’s control and endurance improves.

Clinical Pilates uses a combination of modern equipment (reformer, trapeze, barrel, resistance band and ball) and mat exercises. This equipment facilitates optimum muscle recruitment.


Additionally, Clinical Pilates can be used to:

  • Supplement conventional training

  • Assist rehabilitation post injury

  • Facilitate movement of painful joints in a controlled and supported environment

  • Postural Retraining    

Our physios use specialist equipment to assess, diagnose and monitor your physical condition: e.g. biofeedback equipment to assess your muscle function and power (pressure biofeedback, myotrack and dynamometry).


Our Pilates area includes:

  • Reformers,

  • a Trapeze Table,

  • a Thoracic Barrel,

  • Bosu,

  • Gym Balls,

  • Swivel discs and balance equipment.


Our professional physio team is here to guide your personal Pilates program every step of the way.


Give us a call on 49 262662 for the latest timetables for our Physio Designed Pilates classes.

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