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Jennifer Finnie Physiotherapist The Junction Newcastle


Manipulative Physiotherapist




Graduating  in 1980 and Jennifer became a Manipulative Therapist in 1991.

Jennifer opened Jennifer Finnie and Associates Physiotherapy in 1993.

Early in her career Jennifer had the opportunity to work in the leading Hand

Therapy Unit in Sydney Hospital and to do Physiotherapy placement in
Bourke where she was involved in community health programs, including
helping the Mother Teresa Sisters implement a health program for the
indigenous community.


On moving to Newcastle, Jennifer furthered her musculo skeletal expertise

by working with the well respected Lee Jensen, and later at Lingard

Sports Medicine Centre before doing post graduate studies in Manipulative



For the past 30 years Jennifer has been helping Hunter residents recover from

injury and surgery as well as providing advice on  prevention of injury.


Her special interests are:

  • Hand therapy - including the challenge of managing traumatic injuries,

  • Musculo Skeletal Physiotherapy - particularly neck and back pain

  • Dance related injuries.

  • Motor Control retraining and its role in managing and preventing injuries

  • The Clinical Pilates Method to progress motor control training in treatment

       and to provide a framework for home practice.


A multitude of experience in a broad range of Physiotherapy gives

Jennifer the ability to:

  • Integrate research and up to date methods across disciplines resulting in:

  • The best outcomes for her patients.

  • She prides herself in listening to the patient, and

  • Believes that a thorough examination is essential to:

  • understand and address the patient's problem and provide them with

  • the best treatment help and advice.


Career Highlights


  • Having the opportunity to work with and learn from leading hand surgeons.

  • The opportunity to work with and study under some of the leaders in the

      Physiotherapy  profession such as:

  •  Bob Elvey, Lee Jensen, Brian Edwards and Geoff Maitland himself. (MaitlandMethod)

  • Providing the Physiotherapy support for touring dance companies such as:

  •  the Australian Ballet, The Queensland Ballet, Bangarra and Tap Dogs.

  • Opening Jennifer Finnie and Associates Physiotherapy in 1993 and

  • working with a group of like minded, skilled and dedicated physiotherapists.


Jennifer's Interests Outside of Work include:


  • The Visual Arts - particularly painting.

    • She is a founding and exhibiting member of Newcastles' well known The Seven Painters group,

             enabling her to have insight on the physical demands on artists.

  • Dance:

    • as a previous student of dance (Ballet, Jazz and Irish Dancing) she has maintained a love of dance

            and an interest in treating dance injuries. She subscribes to the Australian Ballet Season annually.

  • Running, yoga and Pilates. Jennifer also has a keen interest in surfing and in surfing injuries.

Sports Physiotherapy The Junction Newcastle
Knee Physiotherapy The Junction Newcastle
Phyiotherapy Newcastle The Junction Finnie

Principal (B.App.Sci, Pty; Grad.Dip.Manip. Physiotherapy) Member of A.P.A, Associate member A.H.T.A.

Clinical Pilates instructor Level 4, Manipulative Therapist, Hand Therapist and the Practice Principal of Jennifer Finnie and Associates.  

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